We love uncomplicated love stories – just like the story of our bride Yulia and her dream wedding dress! During her first fitting at our boutique for which she nonchalantly showed up on her own, two other gowns were on Yulia’s most favorite list. And just like that – during her 2nd fitting – it was Rae by Anais Anette. Delicate, minimal lace combined with the typical AA crepe silk skirt this wedding dress was made for Yulia. She was kind enough to answer some of our questions about the search for her dress and her big day which was a double wedding with a befriended couple.

White Concepts Braut Yulia in ihrem Brautkleid Rae von Anais Anette
Foto: Jamie&Marvin

What was especially important to you while looking for your wedding dress?

I never had an exact vision of what my wedding dress should look like. When I started my search I knew I wanted something special – probably every bride thinks that way! During my first fittings I felt more and more dressed up like someone else in the dresses that were offered. I did not quite feel like myself so I made up my mind quickly that I needed something timeless, elegant and easy going. I wanted my wedding dress to be simple but still beautiful, a dress that made me feel comfortable and did not restrict me in any way during my wedding day in terms of movement. Sadly the first boutiques I visited were a reality check to say the least and a little disappointing. None of them was able to meet my taste and offer something that met my expectations. Everything was way too over the top, playful and conventional for my taste.

How did you feel once you found your wedding dress?

Because of the ongoing pandemic I was on my own during my first fittings. After picking out a very special wedding dress at WHITE CONCEPTS in Aachen I took my mother with me for the final fitting. She really loved my selection but suggested I try on one more gown she had seen in the showroom. When I put it on I instantly knew that this would be my wedding dress. I did not feel dressed up or like it was too much, I felt like myself. It just clicked and I finally felt like I was going to be a very beautiful bride.

White Concepts Braut Yulia in ihrem Brautkleid von Anais Anette
Foto: Jamie&Marvin

What was your wedding like? What was important to you while planning it?

We celebrated our big day as a double wedding with a befriended couple. The idea came to us during a cosy evening on our roof terrace. We were immediately on the same page about wanting to celebrate an amazing, big party with little traditions and conventions. It was supposed to be something special and we were so happy to be planning this together. Because of the pandemic the time before the wedding was totally nerve-wracking. We were worried about the restrictions for big events which changed all the time and we were unsure about the day being like we wanted it in the end with everything that was going on. In the end it all turned out to be amazing and we were able to have our reception with almost no restrictions.

Was there a particular moment that you still cherish?

Even though I am not the most romantic person the registrar’s speech was very emotional for me. her words went straight to my heart and I was not able to hold back the tears. That was the moment I realized I was just about to say Yes to a life with the best man on earth. Later on in the evening my husband held a speech that totally took me by surprise. That really touched me.

White Concepts Braut Yulia & ihr Mann vor dem Standesamt
Foto: Jamie&Marvin

Were there any events that still make you laugh?

My in-laws gifted us a wedding cake. Unfortunately there was a mishap at the patisserie so that the cake was only decorated with the other couples’ names. It is probably so rare to manufacture a cake for a double wedding that they simply overlooked that detail. Of course this made us laugh and since we did not value traditions a lot from the getgo, both brides and grooms ended up feeding the cake to each other.

Das strahlende Brautpaar nach der standesamtlichen Trauung
Foto: Jamie&Marvin

Dear Yulia, very rarely we have the pleasure to work with a bride as laid back and easy going as you. You were a joy to work with and a very very beautiful bride. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big wedding adventure. We wish you and your family all the best for the future.

The reception was held in Scheunentraum in Aachen-Brand. Yulia wore Rae baby Anais Anette and beautiful bridal shoes by Laure Lay Shoes. Her styling and florals were done by Kira Cremer. All the pictures were shot by Jamie&Marvin.

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