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Hello, my name is Sarah and I am the founder of WHITE CONCEPTS – Bridal Showroom in Aachen. ich bin Sarah, die Gründerin von WHITE CONCEPTS – Bridal Showroom in Aachen. Nice to see you on our blog! We plan to show you lots of #bridalinspiration and some glimpses into store life at our beautiful boutique.

How it all began

Sarah Bien White Concepts Brautmode Aachen

THE question people have been asking me over the last 4 years is: how did it all begin? Why did I decide to open a bridal boutique? By now I can recite my answer to this in my sleep which should not mean that it bores me – not at all! On the contrary – everytime I look back on the beginning more time has passed, more experiences made. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime away, then again not at all because I remember so many details and the feelings linked to them: euphoria, desperation, impatience and this feeling I just be mad to take this step.

YES – my sister is getting married

It all started in October 2013 when my sister returned from her vacation in south Africa engaged. Full of excitement for the wedding in the following summer we started planning with loads of ideas. What wedding dress my sister would be wearing was a giant question mark. I was hard at work on my bachelor thesis at the time and browsing through all the bridal dress inspirations on Pinterest was a welcome distraction – soon I knew every bridal label out there. I am sure you know what I am talking about: cleaning, tidying up my closet, planning my sister’s wedding look were way more important than exams.

The search for the perfect wedding dress

After successfully handing in my thesis the hunt for the perfect dress could really begin. We had our first appointment in a bridal boutique and indeed my sister found a gorgeous fit&flare bridal dress with all-over delicate lace for her free ceremony. To this day I could not imagine a more suiting and more beautiful dress for her. My sister felt a little bit pushed. Today she would take more time to make her decision. The woman in the shop claimed there was a discount for this one day which made sleeping on it impossible. Of course we are smarter today and know this was just a scam. We weren’t allowed to take pictures so we never were able to capture some memories of this once in a lifetime event for my sister. – although we secretly tried.

Looking for a modern outfit for her civil wedding was another challenge. We went to a number of bridal boutiques and my sister was close to giving up. Most of the styles looked like they were from another century or from a costume closet, or the quality was really, really bad. In the end she had a bespoke short dress made by a talented tailor. Back then I thought: Contemporary bridal wear for civil weddings must be a real market niche and it would be so cool if there was a bridal store for just that.

My first job in the bridal industry

It feels like yesterday when we sat in one of the many bridal shops we visited and I said to the stylist “This must be an absolute dream Job – all those happy people you get so spend time with every day”. At that time I was looking for a new job I could manage during the last exams for my bachelor’s degree. Steered by all those bridal hormones I asked the owner of the boutique if they needed an assistant – a few days later I was sorting bridal gowns and assisting during fittings.

A new passion

I have been working since I was 14, done jobs, internships after school or uni, some of them I liked better than the others. But until then I did not really feel passionately about any of them, this feeling to really love what you do was totally foreign to me. Most of my jobs were just means to an end, to earn my own money. Like many of my peers in their mid-twenties I often wondered if I would ever find a profession that really fulfilled me. I had the awful feeling of getting lost in a jungle of possibilities. Luckily I got the chance to experience this feeling during my time at the bridal boutique. The boutique was in Cologne and after my degree I moved back to Aachen, thinking about the cost for petrol etc it was actually not profitable at all to still work there but I did not care. Lies never before in my life I looked forward to my working day with wonderful brides in a magical place.

It’s all about love

It is something truly special to be a tiny part of this intimate, beautiful event that is a wedding. It is something individual and intimate with each new bride. You learn the most private information about their relationship and their inner circle. Anticipation, joy, fears and exertion are palpable. From my first day onwards I was mesmerized by the emotions and energies a weddingdress can bring up, not just for the bride but for all people involved. The most beatiful thing about it is: It is all about love, about two people wanting to be together for the rest of their lives.

Last but not least I was enchanted by all the delicate, special fabrics and amazing designs of every bridal dress.

Dare to live your dream

In the beginning I kept my new passion for myself. On my car rides back home after work I would envision what my own bridal boutique in Aachen could look like – and those visions became more and more concrete. I wanted to create a modern, cosy vibe. Airy materials, minimal designs and a high quality standard were especially important to me. My brides should always feel well looked after ans safe.

Sarah Bien White Concepts Brautmode Aachen

I came to a point where I could no longer keep this to myself and told my now-husband about my dream. He is a total visionary and easily enthused. He supported me and pushed me to really do it, to follow my passion and open my own bridal boutique. It was much harder for me to tell my family and friends about this. I was studying social studies and was planning on getting my master’s degree in organisational psychology or get a Job in human Ressourcen – and now this?!

Of course all of them supported me and gave me courage to do it. They asked me a million questions I had no answers to – yet. With my bachelor’s degree done I started my research: I went to wedding fairs, wrote to an insane number of bridal labels and met with Designers. Spoke to service providers in the wedding industry and got information from the IHK in Aachen. I researched a lot. Pretty soon I had a solid concept and financing and so I made the decision: I will start my own business.


In August 2017 I opened my won bridal boutique with the finest wedding dresses in Aachen. Ever since I think of WHITE CONCEPTS as my first baby – I think every business-owner knows what I am talking about. I constantly have new ideas how to help my “baby” move forward, I think about it 24/7 and just wish that WHITE CONCEPTS grows bigger and stronger everyday.

So much has happened in the last few years. I cherish all the experiences, learning, the highs and lows as much as all the joy that all our brides and companions have given me. I have had zero regrets about starting my own business and making so many brides happy. It is a wonderful feeling.

I am eager to hear your feedback and please let me know if you want to read more about my self-employment or my experiences. Check our Instagram for daily inspirations.

Yours, Sarah ♡

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