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Our wonderful Bride Nina visited our showroom in late summer 2019 to pick her wedding dress for a May 2020 wedding. The easy-going, magical fitting with Nina & her family is still one of Ilka’s highlights of her first years at White Concepts. Back then none of us knew of the obstacles Nina and her husband Stefan would have to face while planning their wedding – but in the end they had the most beautiful wedding day in October. Nina was kind enough to answer some of our questions about finding her dress and planning a wedding in the early weeks of Covid.

Wedding Vibes, Real Bride, Bridal Inspiration
Foto: Floris Groteclaes

1. What was especially important to you while looking for your wedding dress?

“I wanted a wedding dress that would suit my personality. I did have some ideas concerning the style but imagined it to be a little more boho than it was in the end. I do feel that the dress I chose suited my personality way more than all the boho dresses I saw on Pinterest etc. Apart from that I wanted a wedding dress that was comfortable and allowed all types of movement, especially dancing.”

2. How did you feel once you had found your dress?

“This wedding dress just felt right from the first moment I put it on, the fabric on my skin, the style for my body type. I immediately felt beautiful and like myself. When I looked into the mirror I saw myself as a bride, not a dressed-up version of myself. Since it was the first dress I put on, I wanted to try some more to be absolutely sure. Funny enough my dad said right away “Well I think we are done here, this is it, isn’t it?” Looking back he was absolutely right of course.”

Real Bride, Wedding Vibes, Bridal Inspiration
Foto: Floris Groteclaes

3. What was your wedding like? What was especially important to you while planning it?

“Our wedding planning was pretty laid back in the beginning. We were on the same page about wanting a free ceremony, how the invitations and decorations should look like and that we wanted to prepare a lot ourselves. Everything was so easy! Then Corona happened… Our planned May wedding became an October wedding. October came around and did not make things easier. We had to shrink our guest list to 50 people and the weeks and days leading up to the wedding were pretty stressful. But what can I say? We were rewarded with the most amazing wedding ans a wonderful party that could not have been any better. So we are just happy that we did it and did not let Covid take this day away from us. Everything we wanted ge got – a relaxed celebration with friends and family, a beautiful free ceremony to celebrate our love, a lot of fun and a great party.”

Real Bride, Wedding Vibes, Bridal Inspiration
Foto: Floris Groteclaes

4. What moment do you cherish the most looking back on the entire wedding day?

“My husband’s vows which he wrote himself were very beautiful – just wonderful, very personal words that mean a lot to me. There was a lot of laughter during the entire day, I love to look back on that.”

5. Were there any special moments that still make you laugh?

“There was a lot of laughter in general throughout the entire day. There was a lot of laughter when my husband said yes too early – he just couldn’t wait, when we cut the wedding cake, we laughed a lot during our best friends’ speeches, my father’s speech and there was a little hiccup during our first dance – which was still one of the highlights of our day.”

Nina’s story gives us a lot of hope for all brides planning their wedding during the pandemic. We are so happy for her and her husband Stefan, happy that they had a wonderful day full of love, joy, dancing and laughter. We wish both of them all the happiness for their future together!

Noina wore a gorgeous wedding dress made of Crepe-silk by Charlie Brear with a matching lace top. She was styled by our lovely Kira Cremer, who also did all the flower arrangements. Nina and Stefan got married on Gut Henscheid in Aachen, pictures were taken by Flores Groteclaes.

Wedding Vibes, Bridal Inspiration, Real Bride
Foto: Floris Groteclaes

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