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Kim Dahlem brings together all the character traits you might wish for in a wedding planner: she is sunshine in human form, radiates a unique spirit, is always positive and open-minded and last but not least she was not chosen as one of the top 10 wedding planners in Germany for no reason – she is a creative professional who holds the highest standards for herself and all the service providers she works with. After speaking to Kim you always find yourself in a better mood than before and we always enjoy working with her. Kim was the creative head behind some gorgeous styled shoots with our wedding dresses and we also carry some of her and designer Michele Weiten’s Oh Chemie collection for bridesmaids and wedding guests in our showroom. We cannot recommend Kim enough – if you are looking for a professional to take care of your wedding, she is the one.

Wedding Planner, Destination Wedding, Italian Wedding
Kim Dahlem while location scouting in Italy

Kim was kind enough to answer some of our questions to make you better understand her job and what makes her so special.

1. How did you land in your dream job and what is your fascination with it?

“Me becoming a wedding planner is kind of a classy, stereotypical story: I got a taste for it during my own wedding preparations in 2016. Planning it was such a joy and I built a great network while prepping my wedding that I wanted to delve deeper professionally. It was the best decision ever. I can support my couples with exclusive service providers and ideas and offer them bespoke, innovative concepts. I am always looking for new, tasteful trends that haven’t found their way into the german market yet. I love working with various national and international teams and create the most beautiful day for my couples – always with an eye for special details and aesthetics, trends and individuality. Once all the puzzle prices come together on the big day and I can see the excitement in their eyes, I am full of happiness and just grateful for this amazing Job I get to do.”

Wedding, Hochzeit, Inspiration, Tischdecke
Provence Table Setting, Foto: Andreas & Hanno Weddings

2. Which services do you offer to couples?

“Since we deliver ambitious, exclusive weddings we mainly offer 360° planning, this entails location scouting, creating an individual color-,style, and mood concept, contacting and booking different service providers, preparing a detailed timetable, keeping an eye on the budget and personal chaperonage on the wedding day itself. We plan weddings in Germany as well as abroad and it is always our number one aspiration to realise each couples’ wishes individually.”

3. We are looking back on a crazy year 2020 – what was it like for you as a wedding planner?

“2020 was indeed a year full of highs and lows and suspenseful challenges. Unfortunately a lot of wonderful weddings had to be postponed and replanned. This entailed some sad moments but also room for new eexcitement and creativity. A wedding in the beautiful Pfalz was now relocated to Lake Como in Italy which I am looking forward to immensely. My couples who were planning to get married this year were so brave and we have grown even closer.

Table Setting, Hochzeit, Hochzeitsinspiration, Hochzeitsdekoration
Modern SoHo Glam, Foto: Julia Bartelt

We also learned to find joy in the little things and cherish the anticipation. My outlook aus always been als will always be a positive one. There were positive changes and a lot of highlights for me. In the midst of the first lockdown in April I was named one of the top 10 wedding planners in Germany by my favorite magazine Vogue – that still overwhelmes me with joy.

Bridesmaids, Brautjungfern, Maid of Honor, Trauzeugin, Hochzeit, Wedding, Hochzeitsgast, Wedding Fashion
Outfits von Oh Chérie, Bild: Julia Bartelt

Another highlight was our collection shoot for Oh Cherié, especially our shooting day in August in a dreamy setting was just unforgettable. We were able to do a small, intimate and artistic wedding in September and we also scouted some beautiful Locations in Italy where we met new partners. I got the chance to write several columns for Vogue. We conquered new territories, for example by creating masks with Oh Cherié. Last but not least I got to redefine myself as a wedding planner this year. We joined creative forces and developed new ideas. I did my rebranding and added new members to my team. 2020 has made me richer with experiences, insights and motivation and I look back on it full of gratitude. The anicitpation for 2021 and all the wonderful weddings we will do is enormous. I am especially looking forward to several destination weddings, until then we will be working on magical concepts and projects.”

4. You just did a complete rebranding of your business. What Made you do this and what was especially important to you while doing it?

“During the last 18 months I evolved so much as a human being, as a Business woman, as a wedding planner. The standards I hold for myself and my work have also grown a lot. My Job is about so much more than the pretty little details – there os professionalism, individuality, personality, style and trends, as much as exclusivity, all of which are factors in my work. It took me a long time to find the right words for this new identity, this new version of myself. My lovely colleague and team member Juliane was with me every step of the way and supported me professionally on this journey. She managed to pry the message out of me that I wanted to get out and helped me imagine what the branding could look like. We had been brainstorming together for a year and then – during the first lockdown – the idea of the new branding was born and has evolved since then. After months of creativity, drafting, designing and planning I have finally arrived and feel home.”

Braut und Bräutigam, Hochzeitstag, Wedding Day, Just Married
Bride and Groom, Foto: Andreas & Hanno Weddings

5. What is your professional advise for all our brides planning a wedding in 2021?

“Make sure to manifest beforehand what is important to you. In these special times that are dominated by a lot of insecurity in planning and new obstacles to be overcome I can’t recommend professional help enough. Wedding planners always have experience and a network of service providers which can be an immense help in such a crowded season as 2021 is promising to be.”

Braut im Zweiteiler mitten in der Frankfurter City
City Bride, Picture: Juliane Finkenberger

6. Last but not least: you are happily married yourself. What is your personal advice for to get the most out of this special day and the time leading up to it?

“Personally I also recommend professional help. Cherish the little things and don’t let anyone take the joyful anticipation from you. Enjoy this unique time in your life and prioritize sustainable service providers: pictures and videos are memories for life! colorful, aesthetic and loaded with all the emotions of this special day!! The most important thing though: a wedding is not a competition. It is about you and your pure, true love for each other!!”

How you can reach Kim…

You can find all contact info on Kim’s gorgeous website. To get a taste of her magical, unique, aesthetic style make sure to visit her Instagram account!

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