Back in 2020 Anika was our first ever Bonbridé Beauty and we will always think of her as the bold, self-confident woman ready to wear such an amazing wedding dress. It’s always a wonderful experience when a bride comes to our boutique because of one very special dress she saw online and this dress can even exceed her expectations. The very unique BB:05 gown was just made for Anika and when we received the first images from her wedding a while ago we were instantly speechless and mesmerized. Anika was kind enough to answer some of our questions regarding the search for her wedding dress and her wonderful city wedding.

What was especially important to you while looking for your wedding dress?

Anika in ihrem Brautkleid von Bonbride
Our very first Bonbridé Beauty Anika

I was looking for a modern dress which shouldn’t be too playful but rather cool and still interesting to look at. Apart from that I just wanted to feel like myself and be comfortable, not worry about every movement that could potentially ruin the look of the dress. At first this seemed very hard to find – the selection in most of the bridal boutiques I went to was quite over the top and too romantic for my taste. It was important to me to be allowed to try and feel everything I wanted to and that the fitting was an easy-going affair.

How did you feel when you found your wedding dress?

Braut Anika in ihrem Brautkleid von Bonbride
Anika in her BB:05 by Bonbridé

Never in million years would I have thought this would happen to me – but when I put on my dress for the very first time my whole body trembled with excitement. I had seen it before on Instagram and it immediately caught my eye when I entered the boutique so I was pretty sure I would like it. But I never expected the reaction I had at all – especially because up until then my fitting was so easygoing and happy without any sentimentality or tears. My mum, my sister and me were absolutely sure: this was my dress!

What was your wedding like? What was especially important to you while planning it?

We wanted the atmosphere to be cool and laid back. That’s why we decided to have a city wedding in the old town of Bielefeld where we also live. We had the civil ceremony in an art gallery and the reception took place in the Bielefelder Kunsthalle across the street. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our guests to get from one place to the other without having to drive around a lot. Our guests could walk from one venue to the other which was perfect for the sunny weather we had on our wedding day. Since we both love good food and good drinks the culinary enjoyment was also very important to us – we wanted something special for our big day. Our favorite restaurant – which was also very close to our venue – created a very extravagant menu for us – a highlight for us and for our guests.

Was there a special moment that stands out looking back on the day?

Braut & Bräutigam im Standesamt
Bride Anika & her groom Patrick

There were so many wonderful moments… What totally took me by surprise was how emotionally struck me and my husband were by all the gratulations from friends and family. We were so lucky that all our guests could be present during the ceremony. While receiving all the congratulations afterwards I was so touched by all our favorite, dear people being together in one place. I also enjoyed the fact so much that everybody was dressed nicely and were just in their best of moods. The fact that my husband could not hold back some small tears during our walk in and the ceremony was also something I will remember fondly forever. Both of us are rather pragmatic so I wasn’t expecting that but seeing him so emotional was very endearing.

Were there any occurrences that make you laugh looking back on them?

I picked up the flowers for the tables on the day before the wedding – unfortunately we received the wrong delivery. Instead of white hortensia they were bright green. There was not enough time to change it so we had to make it work. We did not really care a lot about the decorations so my husband was absolutely not bothered by this – I on the other hand spent the rest of that day quite chocked about this change of plans und needed a few hours to calm down. On the day itself I could not have cared less about this detail – everything looked beautiful and we were so deliriously happy with everything else the flowers on the tables did not matter at all. To say your vows and get married in front of all your loved ones is so much more beautiful, special and emotional I could have ever imagined it to be. It does not leave room for all the little bits and pieces you think matter like the flowers on the tables.

Braut & Bräutigam am Hochzeitstag
Happy Couple – Anika & Patrick

Dear Anika, a massive thank you for your trust and your easy going nature! Such an special gown needs a very special bride who wears it and we love to hear that you were so happy with your choice and felt so confident on your wedding day. We wish you and your husband Patrick all the best for your future together.

All pictures were shot by Timo Abenteuer.

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