The tale of Tanja & her beautiful wedding dress Annalise from Anais Anette is not the typical Disney Lovestory, but a modern fairy tale with a tension arc that needs to be heard. When Tanja first browsed through our collection, Annalise wasn’t even in her selection of dresses she wan ted to try on. But something about this bridal dress spoke to her and wouldn’t let her go. We spent a wonderful time together trying on 5 beautiful other wedding dresses that had something about them Tanja enjoyed but she could not get Annalise off her mind and so – at the very end of her fitting – she asked if she could try on this last dress. Her wish was our command and suddenly there it was – the moment Tanja found HER wedding dress. We always celebrate this special moment with our brides, but Tanja’s moment with her dress was extra special since it came so unexpectedly and full of feeling. Tanja was kind enough to take some time to talk about finding her wedding dress and her dream wedding.

Braut & Bräutigam nach ihrer kirchlichen Trauung
Bride & Groom

What was important to you when you were looking for your wedding dress?

While looking for my wedding dress it was especially important to me to find something I would feel comfortable and like myself in for the entire day – also I wanted something that allowed me to dance the night away! I did not have a very set vision of my wedding dress but the whole setting and ambience of looking for and finding a dress was a big deal to me. I did not just want to buy a wedding dress but to experience this moment and atmosphere and remember it fondly forever.

Braut & Bräutigam am Hochzeitstag
“I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart” – E.E.Cummings

How did you feel when you found your wedding dress?

White Concepts was the first bridal boutique I went to. I chose 5 wonderful dresses and each one had a Wow-factor of its own. But during the fitting I had eyes on another dress that I could not get out of my mind. I asked Ilka if I could try this on as well… and what can I say: I never thought I’d say this but that was my moment of “This is MY dress!” It was magical and I felt it – it was just perfect and I would never regret wearing this dress at my wedding.

Ilka had such a delicate feeling when to support me and when to just leave me to enjoy the magic of the dresses. Her warm, empathic and sweet nature completed this lovely experience. Everything was perfect so I just knew: the search for my wedding dress is done.

Braut und Bräutigam
Tanja wore a beautiful veil embroidered with flowers with her wedding dress

What was your wedding like? What was important to you while planning it?

Our church wedding had a big emotional value to us so we wanted to keep it rather small and intimate, surrounded by the people we love. It was especially important to us to plan the day according to our interpretation of a perfect wedding day, not according to traditions or expectations of others. We wanted to make decisions based on our preferences and be supported during the day by service providers who love and cherish their respective craft.

After the ceremony we celebrated in the beautiful Scheunentraum in Aachen-Brand – an incredibly beautiful location with a love for details and an amazing team. Julia Schiffers of Fotoverliebt captured our day for eternity with her wonderful pictures. We are able to relive our perfect wedding day with the emotional Video by Timo from Ingfilms. Culinary enjoyment was provided by Catering Küchen. We owe the amazing atmosphere during our party later on to David Antoni of life is music and his impeccable playlist and my Make-up by jb-visagist was still on point when I went home late at night.

Braut und Bräutigam nach ihrer kirchlichen Trauung
Happy Couple

Was there a special moment that you will remember?

Our pastors sermon during which he described me and my husband perfectly and made us smile, my father-in-law’s emotional speech, the father-daughter-dance and of course the first dance with my husband. But I will especially remember the people who were with us and supported us. A wedding is not just a great party and a beautiful day, there is so much more to it. Family and friends who support you, dry your tears and celebrate with you. New acquaintances who are living their dreams and inspired us. We don’t just enjoy remembering our day but also everything that led up to it.

Brautpaar am Hochzeitstag
Beautiful newlyweds

Did anything happen that you still share a laugh about?

There are usually two weddings happening at the same time at our location. At one point I slid over to the other wedding and was so happy to be greeted so warmly by the other bride. We had the idea to toast to our big day and had a delicious Ouzo together. So turns out you can be at two weddings at once – for my friends that was a typical Tanja-move!

Their was so much joy and laughter on Tanja’s big day

Dear Tanja, you looked so beautiful on your big day and your inner light shines so brightly in these pictures – just the way it should be! We so enjoyed your warm, laid-back and funny personality during our time together. If you are ever in the neighborhood, please come over for a cup of coffee (or a shot of Ouzo) 😉

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