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For our bride Frauke it was love at first side: the spotted soft tulle overdress by Halfpenny London immediately caught her eye when she browsed through our collection. We do offer some lovely dresses to wear it with but Frauke had her very own ideas on the kind of dress she wanted to wear underneath, so she had a bespoke design made for her. For the finishing touches to her bridal look she even sewed some details herself to give her bridal look a very personal, unique note. We are absolutely smitten and just love how Frauke transformed the playful, elegant overdress into a very romantic, special wedding dress for her big day. Combined with a dreamy bridal styling and gorgeous floral accents (both by the lovely Kira Cremer) hers was an unforgettable look.

Frauke was kind enough to answer some of our questions about her search for the perfect dress and her wedding day.

Foto: Potrait Zauber

1. What was especially important to you while looking for your dress?

“It was super important to me to not feel dressed up as someone else while wearing my wedding dress. I wanted it to be comfortable and not limiting in terms of movement – I wanted to be able to dance! I was keen on finding a dress with an open back and on Pinterest I had seen a bride who had worn a belt with floral details in the back which I loved. I immediatley thought of this look during my fitting and went for something quite similiar in the end.

2. How did you feel when you found your wedding dress?

“After putting on this dream of spots and tulle in the showroom the images and thoughts of it wouldn’t leave me – I even dreamed of it the night after the fitting. This soft tulle with the all over spots that seemed like a thousand little stars, so light… When Ilka emailed me a few days after that they were selling their sample I felt like the dress wanted me just as much as I wanted it and we belonged together.”

3. What was your wedding like? What was especially important to you while planning it?

“After we got engaged we planned to have a free ceremony after our civil wedding with a reception afterwards with all of our guests in Belgium. Corona happened and changed our plans – just like in changed the plans of so many other couples this year. We decided to do the wedding and reception in Germany. By chance our first choice location was free that exact weekend in September, so we did not hesitate and quickly planned the wedding there. We planned with fewer people and kept our fingers crossed that our reception could happen under the regulations at that time. It was so important to us that this would be our day so we did a lot of the decorations ourselvesy and also recruited family and friends to make the day very personal – the knitting of a bridal loop, our wedding cake and also the music were taken care of by friends and family.

4. What moment was especially wonderful for you?

“Apart from the first look, where I saw my handsome husband in his beautiful suit for the first time I especially enjoyed our walk to our free ceremony on a small clearing in the forest near our reception. After a very tightly scheduled noon around our civil ceremony, this was just so nice. The sun was shining, the wind blew through the leaves of the trees, all of our dearest people together in one place, our flower girls threw flower petals and my sister and her boyfriend play “a sky full of stars” on the cello and piano. We just felt “Now it’s happening!”

5. Where there any special circumstances that still make you laugh?

“Actually we kind of look back on the entire day in disbelief and joy because we still can’t quite believe that this beautiful celebration happened. The weather was so good that we could get married outside, our wonderful guests made it possible to celebrate with us quite spontaneously on a friday, our service providers were incredibly flexible and everybody stayed healthy. We had the most wonderful, perfect wedding day, totally different from what we had planned in the beginning and it could not have been any more wonderful.”

Braut und Bräutigam bei Sonnenschein ganz glücklich
Foto: Portrait Zauber

We are confident Frauke & Roman will always look back on their wedding day with a full heart as it was filled with so much love and happiness. We wish them all the best for their future together.

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