White Concepts Designer Spotlight – Temple by Bo&Luca: effortless Vintage-Vibe for the modern bride

Today we want to introduce you to one of our amazing bridal designers: Shannon Pittman of Temple by Bo&Luca. What inspires her? What drove her to start her own label? What advice would she give to every bride? Find out her answers here:

Bo & Luca – Designer Shannon Pittmann

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Passionate, free-spirited, creative.

2. What do you care about most when it comes to your work?

Creating works of art that each and every bride can put on and feel like their very best version of themselves. I’m proud of the fact that we create treasured heirloom pieces that highlight the beauty of women whilst still retaining the essential bridal classicism, there’s something magical about being a part of a brides most special day.

What bridal wear by Bo&Luca is famous for: handcrafted embellishments

3. What was your motivation to start your own bridal label?

I fell in love with bridal organically. I’ve always been drawn to whimsical and beautiful aesthetics. This stems from my  love for vintage fashion, travelling to distant places and being in nature so it’s no surprise really that I ended up creating a bridal brand inspired by each of these elements. My friend had asked me to help her design her wedding gown and I travelled with her to India to source the best local artisans who specialise in hand-beading, I immediatly fell in love with the intricasies and beauty brought to life by hand-beading. I soon realised that there was very little available for women who are free spirited and non-conforming to the traditional bridal designs that flood the market. It was my ambition to make gowns that reflect the modern woman to celebrate the innate femininity which canbe expressed in so many different and unique ways.

4. What makes Temple by Bo&Luca special?

Bo & Luca’s techniques used in the creation of each Gown sets us apart from the rest. Bo & Luca goes beyond mere material, it translates art and beauty into the tangible medium of fabric, usingartisan skills and ancient craftsmanship steeped in the world of bridal couture. Influenced by the romance of bohemia, our signature slow luxury aesthetic is grounded in traditional artisan
techniques, uncomplicated styling and easy elegance. Our couture gowns are made and hand beaded in our quiet Atelier in India. Using an Indian technique known as Tambour, each bead is carefully hand-sewn onto the finest silk by local master craftsmen and women over a three to six month process. Tambour was first introduced to the Western world in 18th century France, where it was named after the french word for drum. After the Tambour process , the gowns are then delicately hand-dyed in loose-leaf White Tea.

Our sister brand, Temple by Bo & Luca, incorporates the same beading techniques with some Gowns handcrafted in Europe using delicate laces and luxurious satins. Temple is special to me as it embodies affordable luxury, which means that more brides are able to join our bridal community and share in our love for all things uniquely beautiful.

5. How do you picture the Bo&Luca bride?

She is a dreamer, a free-thinker, a believer in true love and has a quiet confidence which radiates well beyond her wedding day. She values design, detailing and sustainably created pieces which speak to her daring romantic side.

QUINCY TOP by Temple by Bo & Luca White Concepts Brautmode Aachen
New by Bo & Luca: Skylar Gown & Quinn Jacket

6. What inspires you?

Beautiful gardens, architecture, memories of travelling, my son and music.

Who is your personal style icon?

Oh that’s a tough one- I’d have to say Talitha Getty for old school glamour and Poppy Delevigne for modern day bohemian styling.

8. Which is your favorite Bo&Luca – Design?

The Manhattan, there is no Gown like the exquisite gown out there, its feminine silhouette and intricately fully beaded detailing makes this a true Bo & Luca icon.The Primrose from Temple is my most loved piece from our collection, the tiered flouncy skirt and hand-beaded bodice merge together seamlessly to create the ultimate whimsical Gown.

9. What styling advice would you give to every bride?

The gown you choose should represent you, your personality, and what makes you feel most beautiful. On your wedding day, there can be so many things to
worry about, but putting on your dress should feel as if all the stressors leading up to this moment have melted away as you become the true self that your dress reflects you to be.

Designer Shannon Pittmann embodies the essence of her label Bo & Luca: easygoing but very special bridal wear with a vintage flair

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