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Braut und Bräutigam Standesamt Aachen
Foto: Prisma Color

The story of Nane and her beautiful civil wedding dress is very special. It was indeed love at first sight, but it took Nane some time to make her decision, so her dress waited patiently for her. It was worth the wait – Nane looked absolutely stunning!

Nane was kind enough to take some time to answer some of our questions.

1. What was especially important to you while looking for your dress?

Braut im Brautkleid Clover von Rime Arodaky
Foto: Prisma Color

“I wanted the search for my perfect wedding dress to be fun and something I would enjoy looking back on for years. So choosing the right boutiques was very important to me. I followed WHITE CONCEPTS on Instagram, so I had already had some insights into the kind of dresses you carry. The atmosphere was so important to me and I really enjoyed that so much at your boutique – such a lovely, beautifully furnished store with amazing, special gowns… I never wanted to visit a store that carried the typical princess-type wedding dresses, I wanted something special that not everybody would wear.”

2. How did you feel once you had found your wedding dress? 

Braut im Brautkleid Clover von Rime Arodaky
Foto: Prisma Color

“When I first tried on this dress, it fit so perfectly, I just did not want to take it off. My mom and my sister could see how good I felt wearing it. After several more fittings we all came back to this dress. Even though it did not match my first expectations of MY wedding dress, it was just the perfect dress for me. A few nights of sleeping on it did not change that 😉 It was such a great experience to buy a dress at your boutique, the warmth you radiate and the love for your Job and your brides made everything beautiful.”

What was your wedding like? What was especially important to you while planning it?

“Our civil wedding took place with a small circle of friends and family in June 2020. We got married in the white hall in Aachen’s city hall. Friends were waiting outside to congratulate us and we met our families for dinner afterwards. There was a lot of back and forth with Covid-restrictions but in the end we had the celebration we wished for. It was important to us to celebrate somewhere surrounded by nature, so that we could spent some time outside.”

4. What moment do you hold especially dear?

Braut und Bräutigam im Weißen Saal Aachen
Bride and Groom in the white hall in Aachen’s registry office

“We never expected the planning for our big day to be so complicated. Only a week before our wedding restrictions were lifted so that 30 people could join us for our celebrations. 50 more waited for us outside city hall to congratulate us and toast to us, somehting we did not dare to dream in the weeks before…

Even if we only had a small circle of family with us that day, we had so much fun and even danced late into the night on the patio of the restaurant wie had dinner in. It came to be so much better than we could have ever imagined it.”

5. Were there any moments that still make you laugh?

“To be honest – we were so worried during the weeks leading up to the wedding, concerned about Covid-restrictions and what it wild Meran to get married in this climate. Every day something changed and we had to change plans accordingly. It all went so differently than wie first imagined in the end and we could not be happier about it. There was even supposed to be rain and the sun was out the entire day shining down on us :)”

We are so happy Nane’s wedding was the most joyful day for her and her husband after all the troubles and worries they had to endure due to Covid. We are absolutely smitten by the lovely pictures that radiate love and happiness. We wish them both all the best for their future together!

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