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Our bride Yvonne visited us not once or twice but several times and we enjoyed her company each time. It is a common misconception that there have to be big emotions immediately when finding your wedding dress but in our experience that is mostly untrue. A lot of our brides feel the need for a 2nd or 3rd appointment to be absolutely sure, just like Yvonne. In the end she decided for a wonderful gown by Catherine Deane that worked perfectly for her civil wedding and barn reception- Yvonne, you definitely made the right choice!

Just Married Braut und Bräutigam verlassen das Standesamt
Foto: Ellen Laut

1. What was especially important to you when you started looking for your wedding dress?

“My dream was to visit a local, beautiful store with a very personal service and to find an airy, comfortable wedding dress that would make me feel great. I also wanted to be able to dance without any restrictions.”

Braut und Bräutigam first Kiss Katschhof Aachen
Foto: Ellen Laut

2. How did you feel once you found your wedding dress?

“That is a little difficult to answer. When I first tried on dresses in your boutique I was with my loved ones and there were so many gorgeous dresses – everybody had a different opinion. That made a decision a little hard, so I came back a eww days later on my own.

I could not get one dress off my mind, it was on display in your store window and actually it was nothing like the dress I had always imagined for myself. During another fitting we tried it on and also a beautiful two-piece, so for the following weeks I kept comparing the two looks and went for the gorgeous dress in the end.

I was so happy with this Choice – I love my wedding dress and it gave me so much joy during my wedding day. I got a lot of compliments for it, but I suppose every bride does 😉 My mother knitted a beautiful jumper to wear with it and in the end it all came together perfectly: the dress, the jumper, my make up and hair, accessories, location… Everything was easy-going but still special to match the occasion.”

Braut und Bräutigam im Standesamt Aachen
Foto: Ellen Laut

3. What was your wedding like? What was especially important to you while planning it?

“For ourselves and also for our guests we wanted a relaxed day full of love, good food and a great party.

There were several things that had to be set quite early on, for example we wanted to get married in the Couven museum and have our reception at Scheunentraum, both are fully booked weite early on, so our September wedding was basically fully planned in February. We enjoyed the planning with all our service providers a lot and it gradually built our excitement for the big day. An then Covid happened and we did not make any plans for a while, because it wasn’t exactly fun to plan something without knowing if it can happen at all. We asked family and friends how they felt about it to find out what we could do to make everybody feel safe. In the end we had an amazing day which could not have been any more beautiful.

My husband and me had our first look before our ceremony, it was important to us to have a moment just for ourselves before everything started.

There were so many well wishers at our civil ceremony! Since we both love to drink beer we went to the Domkeller after the service and then had our reception at Scheunentraum in Aachen-Brand.

We both love the atmosphere of festivals and wanted to share this with our guests during the reception. Scheunentraum was the perfect location for that and also we had the best caterer – Tobi of Birk’s Restaurant. His food truck and coffee truck fit perfectly.

First Look - Braut und Bräutigam
Foto: Ellen Laut

4. What moment was extra special for you?

“Basically the entire day 😀

Definitely the moment me and Arasch saw each other for the first time that day – we were so overwhelmed by our emotions that both of us started crying – and immediately forgot the rain.

I also enjoyed the walk home in between drinks and the reception – we wanted this little break just for the 2 of us where we went home in the sunshine and were congratulated by so many strangers, it was so sweet.

The free ceremony was another highlight. My dad walked me down the aisle to live-guitar-music, Arasch was waiting for me down the aisle and I was walking past so many of our dearest people who shared this day with us.

I will always remember the easy-going, relaxed atmosphere that reigned the day – there was so much laughter and everybody had a good time. We danced into the early hours of the morning – no wonder since this was the only party für most of our guests in 2020.”

Braut und Bräutigam 'Just Married'
Foto: Ellen Laut

5. Where there any moment that still make you laugh?

“There were some hiccups during our free ceremony – envelopes with our vows went missing, lighters did not work, so it took a little longer than planned and made everybody laugh.

Looking back it’s also quite funny that you can plan and plan and plan and there is still not guarantee everything will work out the way you planned it. My stylist could not do my hair and make-up in the end because of Corona, our wedding stylist cancelled shortly before the ceremony – we made everything work and it ended up being beautiful, but there was some unnecessary stress.”

Braut und Bräutigam spazieren durch Aachen
Foto: Ellen Laut

Dear Yvonne, dear Arasch, we are so happy for you and wish you all the best for your future together!

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